Alex, originally from Munich, has called London home since the vibrant 80’s. With a career spanning over two decades, he has honed the art of visual storytelling.
Alex's true passion lies in documentary film and photography, where he dives into the intriguing themes of identity and the ego. He's captivated by individuals and their surroundings. How they curate their presence in the social world, shaping their unique sense of 'normal.'
From his early days, Alex developed an affinity for examining life more closely. His work captures the remarkable way people present themselves to the world, emphasizing the extraordinary, the peculiar, and the nuances that typically slip past us due to the mundane routine of daily life. His landscapes explore identity on a larger scale.
Curiosity remains the driving force behind Alex's creative journey, and he warmly invites you to join him in this quest for deeper understanding. Let's keep that sense of wonder alive as we explore the fascinating tapestry of human existence!

Artrist Statement

My work explores identity and ego through social documentary and landscape photography. I capture the stories of people and places, showing how our surroundings shape who we are.
In my social documentary photos, I focus on the lives and experiences of different communities. I aim to show the real, unfiltered essence of people, encouraging viewers to think about their own identities and how society influences them.
My landscape photography offers a space for reflection. These images go beyond just showing beautiful places; they represent the inner landscapes of our minds and souls. They highlight the connection between us and the world around us.
By combining social documentary and landscapes, my work highlights the relationship between who we are and where we are. I hope to inspire a deeper understanding of ourselves and our environment. Through my lens, I aim to connect viewers to the human experience and the ever-changing world we live in.






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