Alex Forsey

about alex

Originally from Munich. Alex moved to London in the 80's and began documenting people and things shortly thereafter.
He has been a photographer and lighting director for more than 20 years. Specialising in lighting for stills before moving into moving image.

Alex has a particular predilection for documentary film and photography, especially when delving into the themes of identity and the ego. Fascinated with how individuals present themselves to the social world that they inhabit and how this creates their own 'normality'.
' I love to look a little longer at things and this probably comes from being surrounded by unusual characters as a child. My mother and father had a lot of interesting and colourful people in their lives. I often stared a little too long and probably still do.
I'm interested in the 'Self'. What we call the Ego. I like to document, the way people present themselves to the world. The odd things that stand out.  The details we might normally miss through the dulling of familiarity.
I'm still Curious.






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