Alex, originally from Munich, has called London home since the vibrant 80’s. With a career spanning over two decades, he has honed the art of visual storytelling.
Alex's true passion lies in documentary film and photography, where he dives into the intriguing themes of identity and the ego. He's captivated by individuals and their surroundings. How they curate their presence in the social world, shaping their unique sense of 'normal.'
From his early days, Alex developed an affinity for examining life more closely. His work captures the remarkable way people present themselves to the world, emphasizing the extraordinary, the peculiar, and the nuances that typically slip past us due to the mundane routine of daily life. His landscapes explore identity on a larger scale.
Curiosity remains the driving force behind Alex's creative journey, and he warmly invites you to join him in this quest for deeper understanding. Let's keep that sense of wonder alive as we explore the fascinating tapestry of human existence!

Artrist Statement

As a social documentary and landscape photographer, my work explores the intricate interplay between identity and ego, capturing the essence of human experience and the natural world. Through my lens, I seek to explore the stories that shape who we are, individually and collectively, and how our environments reflect and influence our inner selves.

In my social documentary photography, I am driven by a deep curiosity about the human condition. I strive to portray the nuances of everyday life, revealing the often unseen or overlooked facets of our society. My images are a testament to the resilience, diversity, and complexity of human identity, offering a window into the personal and communal narratives that define us. Each photograph is an invitation to engage with the subject's story, to empathize with their journey, and to reflect on our own place within the broader human tapestry.

Parallel to this, my landscape photography serves as a visual meditation on the ego and its relationship with the natural world. I am drawn to a diverse array of landscapes, capturing scenes that evoke a sense of introspection and connection. By highlighting the raw beauty and sublime power of these environments, I aim to remind viewers of our intrinsic link to nature and the shared existence we all navigate.

In both realms of my work, I am committed to an authentic and evocative representation of my subjects. My photography is not just about capturing moments, but about creating a dialogue between the viewer and the viewed, challenging perceptions and encouraging a deeper understanding of self and society. Through my images, I aspire to inspire reflection, provoke thought, and ultimately, contribute to a more empathetic and conscious world.






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